Upcycle Saree Blanket

Thank you for your interest in the initiative!

Please read the following carefully to know the details -   

Approximate cost: 

(for each blanket/bedspread, including stitching and embroidery) 

60" x 90" - Rs. 1950/- 

100" x 110"/100" - Rs. 3500/- 

(Middle fabric cost, additional - We will give you the final cost on seeing your sarees, how much additional fabric is required etc.)   

Shipping costs (anywhere in India): 

Rs. 350/- per kantha (approximate)

For International deliveries - please CONTACT US for costs.   

Standard sizes: 

60” x 90”

100" x 110"/100"

(If you have any other size specifications please let us know)

Sarees required:

2 sarees for 60” x 90” size  

4 sarees for 100" x 110"/100" size 

(Note: Cotton / Silk fabrics are ideal for kantha embroidery work. The design and look of the blanket will depend on your sarees - we will use your fabric to stitch the blanket.) 


4-5 weeks, after receiving your sarees.

You are just one step away from your personalized blankets!
CLICK HERE to send us photographs of your sarees.
Additional information

We use your sarees to make the kantha stitch blankets / bedcovers. The sarees are stitched back to back to make a blanket and then embellished with kantha stitch hand embroidery. This is an age old craft of using old sarees and up-cycling them into beautiful blankets.

Your blankets are made by women living in villages of West Bengal, who have been practising this craft in their communities for generations. Your support helps Indian crafts and local communities.